Acrygel (sculpting with a drop)

This course teaches nail modeling using the new product Acrygel - which combines the best properties of both Acrylic and Gel.
After completing this course you will be able to easily and quickly extend and model nails, and provide your clients with perfect and durable manicures. Because Acrygel doesn´t cause detachments either on the sides of the cuticle or on the free edge even when it is applied on weak and damaged nails.
You will learn how to model nail forms applied to the nail using Acrygel and you will discover all the nuances related to the use of this product.

The learning course includes:
  • Architecture of the artificial nail
  • Correct fit of the nail form
  • Properties and peculiarities of Acrygel
  • Nail form modeling technology using Acrygel
  • Decorative coating (all types)