Nail modeling with gel/Gel polish. Combi-Style.

All types of combinations and modeling with Gel/E.MiLac.
Programme of the course:
  • Combined manicure
  • Strengthening gel/E.MiLac, sealed
  • Lengthen in shape
  • Modeling with a drop
  • Corrections (all kind)
  • Perfect shine
  • All types of E.MiLac Coating (under the cuticle): Classic, Gradient, Lunar and Jacket.
All techniques for strengthening and combining Gel/ E.MiLac
This course will include:
  • Reduce time per customer and achieve more lasting results.
  • Perform a perfect manicure (below the cuticle) with the proper shape and the desired length.
  • Combi Style is a custom solution for every customer. Fast, tested with perfect results. No chipping, cracking and peeling
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