Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers Israel

[tab name="PRODUCT DESCRIPTION"]Sholom Aleichem! A special collection of stickers, inspired by golden deserts, crystal sea and centuries-old history of Israel.Top 3 colors: Gold, Black & White…and some delicious in addition.Great for all nail systems: E.Mi Gel System, E.MiLac, E.MiLac Gel Effect.[tab name="HOW TO USE"]E.Milac and E.Mi Gel System
A) On natural nails: Apply E.Milac BASE GEL – 1-2 layers. Cure for 2 minutes in UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED,CCFL.B) On artificial nails: Prepare artificial nails for coating: file, polish and remove grease. Apply decorative coat to nails and dry it up.
E.Milac Gel Effect
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